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Civil UN Rest

Can you believe it? It's been roughly 155 years since the slaves were "emancipated". over 60 years since the start of the civil rights movement and finally we are all equal and treated the same in the USA and beyond. Finally blacks are equal with whites in their education system, economic system, housing, ownership, human rights, and more. Finally black men are being promoted at the same rate as it's white counterparts. No one in America attempts to hold blacks back any longer. Blacks are no longer suspended from school, incarcerated, denied loans, racially profiled or discriminated against more that whites. America finally accepted responsibility for their actions of slavery as well as the terror of post slavery and are honoring their promises in the emancipation proclamation. Blacks no longer seek to kill and abuse each other as taught to them. We are finally on "equal" playing grounds.

Imagine that. Take just a moment and imagine if all this were true, you instantly become the most powerful and the most threatening force on the planet. Do you realize what you as an "African American" has accomplished with chains on your ankles? Do you see what you have invented, studied, discovered, learned, created with the entire nation looking down on you and doing everything in it's power to hold you back? You really don't see why you are the nations most hated group? You have done what no other race on earth is even capable of doing. If you were to somehow gain equality in every aspect of human society, it would render some groups obsolete and without hope or cause. Those groups very survival depend on taking what you bring to the table away from you and benefiting from it as their own. So to put it in perspective, you have contributed more than most to the world, even as public enemy number one, and being hated for no general reason at all. This makes you, as a black person, very powerful to on-lookers and they know your strength. The problem is you've been wounded so long that you've forgot how powerful you are in many ways; economically, creatively, spiritually, emotionally, and even the more.

Regaining pride, dignity, and strength would be a great starting place, then passing that down to future generations. Your owners spent a lot of time and resources making sure you believed what they taught you rather than the truth. There is no easy fix because of the divide among ourselves. You've learned to hate each other just as bad as others hate you. Funny thing is you learned it over 400 years from the ones that hate you most. We divide over skin tone, economic status, religion, living communities, gang affiliations, social views, etc. No ye not that Willie Lynch and others, left that plan behind for you? So why do you continue to let it rule over your thoughts? Easy, because if you listen to something long enough, true or not, it becomes reality to you. Until you break the curse,(yes i said curse), of mental enslavement and see the person next to you the same as the one in the mirror, you will continue to toss and turn because the civil rest you seek is first inside your very own mind. Free your mind, heart and vision, then the civil UN-rest will cease because you will finally know how to respond to really create, no, mandate change.

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