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Classic TV or Today's Non - Reality

I grew up in the 1970's with classic TV programming that was somewhat censored by the FCC and other self appointed moral regulatory authorities. Things that were once considered morally correct enough to go on public, free TV were often riddled with subliminal sex, racism, and targeted substance profiling aimed to offer brands of good things to one community and not so good to another. One community would get the McDonalds ads, the toy store ads while the other would get Liquor ads, cigarettes' ads and condom ads. Not much has changed in the targeted advertising but the actual viewing content has changed drastically. Seems that there are little or no regulatory expectations on content for TV in todays market unless you appear to be negatively impacting a protected group. Then you are what we called today as "cancelled". When a program didn't perform well back in the day the network would simply end it's run on TV and the show would be cancelled. Today if you upset the wrong group, your entire career can be cancelled.

In comparison even with all it's faults, classic TV had story lines by writers with stories to tell that varied between shows as well as episodes. Today seems as if everyone is telling the same story of drug dealers, sex work, corruption recycled. The days of "reality" TV has replaced real story telling and creative thinking. We here at Unity One Media decided to take a closer look at classic TV in comparison to today's programming. We decided that classic TV is certainly the lesser of the two evils, "so to speak" and created Unity One TV.

Unity One TV is dedicated to classic TV programing coupled with some well produced modern movies. We also decided to provide a platform for independent content creators with great ideas, needing a reliable CDN (content delivery network). When you watch Unity One TV you get a chance to see what creative writing looked like back in the day. While nights offer many modern program viewing outlets, the bulk of the day is dedicated to a trip back down memory lane. Our programing is growing daily with those looking for nostalgia and a classic viewing experience in mind. You can always send us your thoughts and ideas for a better experience. We are always looking for acceptable content to make our channel better so feel free to submit your ideas. While doing so, please share our channel with your circle. A link is listed below to view online as well as getting the app on your Roku device or smart TV.

Q. S. Bullock

Unity One Media.

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