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What happen to the music?

I'm often asked questions about today's music as it compares to music of the earlier period as it relates to specific genres such as R&B. Many of my show listeners ask why I rarely, if ever, play new music, i.e. 2010's and newer. This question can really be answered multiple ways all ending with a simple question; What new music? Sure there's a lot of talented singers, song writers, producers of today. And yes I do believe they are very capable of making high quality music, however, they simply are not doing it. I do believe there is a reason why too. In today's society, who wants to hear songs about love, happiness, brotherhood, accountability and such? The answer is simple, no one!

There was a time when music not only made you dance, sing and feel good, it was a platform used to speak to social issues of the day. We all know that society gives us a plenty of material to write about, not just what's happening in various communities but with the world at large. But I believe the loss of good quality came when the money that controls the industry decided to silence the loudest and most talented voices. When hip hop aka Rap music was being born, large companies like Sony/BMG, Capital and others vowed that they would never distribute such talent-less garbage. Now, not only do they distribute it, they are among the largest. This also gives them the strength to decide what the people want as apposed to the artist having absolute creative liberty.

Now you have people that know little about what it takes to develop a song, deciding what is and is not a hit. You really can tell due to the worthless flux of garbage shoved down the throats of mindless youngsters everyday. We've even billed a name for the "so called" hip hop industry; taken from the Sylvester Stallone classic movie, "Judge Dredd", we call it MDK.,(murder, death, kill) music. Seems as if the more negative the music is, the more money the big companies will put behind it. That leads me to believe that most musicians who get into the business get into it with the hope to express their talent and get paid to do it. If i'm after a big payday and the one writing the check wants "MDK" then you give them MDK and out the window goes love, happiness, goodwill and social awareness through music.

We can't say that real music and social awareness just won't work. It doesn't work because it's not being given. Again the money dictate the type of songs being pushed. Think about these songs that were great songs of the time and spoke to the nations. Songs like The Commodores singing Ohio Machine Gun, where they addressed the shooting of those kids on the campus of Kent State; Or Roy C singing Open Letter To The President, as he addressed the War in Vietnam; Or how about Buffalo Springfield and his classic song, For What It's Worth addressing the same. I would be an idiot not to mention Marvin Gaye singing his classic R&B chart topper, What's Going On, as he spake to the social issues of the 70's.

Maybe the writers of today grew up being just too privileged to care and the money is the only thing that matters. Or could it be a bigger plan at hand. What if a bigger establishment is driving subliminal messages through the music with a purpose to distress and negatively infiltrate the minds of today's youth in urban communities. We all know how powerful music can be for better or for worse. I'm just a blogger wondering where is the music today that makes you happy, loving, kind and want to dance the night away without incident. When I listen to the music today, I only come away wanting to steal, kill, destroy or have unprotected sexual intercourse and then disrespect the participating party. What ever the case is, I only want to know where is my music and will it ever return. No disrespect to great songwriters. Stay true to your craft and don't let the money dictate what you give the people because you play a pivotal part in shaping a mind, a community, a nation and the world thru what you say.

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