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The New Way To Watch

Study show more and more people are spending much more time with their smart phones, tablest, smart watches and other digital devices than even in the hay day of live television. People seem to be interested in what others have to say. No longer does the hollywood elite decide what is entertainment and what is not. Now with your device you can watch whatever speaks to your taste and what ever answers your entertainment needs. The good news is that there is so much to choose from and showing no signs of letting up. The bad news is there is so much to choose from and showing no signs of letting up. Because there is so much, including but not limited to, personal drama wrapped up into online content, many are looking to return to the days of scripted classic TV many of us grew up with.

Because this is the new demand, Unity One Media has decided to do just that, provide good quality classic VOD content by launching our very own streaming TV network on ROKU TV. This is the latest endevour to connect to our supporters by introducing the latest and most creative content creators and providing them a platform to reach our audience and beyond. We discovered what is now called "Reality TV" has very little to do with "Reality". Upon the launch of Unity One TV, you can expect to see classic movies, talk shows, sports, special events and independent content creators from around the country, as well as in-house productions and UOTV originals. Because you are subscribed to this site, you will be the first to hear of the official launch of Unity One TV.

So don't get rid of your smart devices just yet. We're looking forward to visiting your home video watching experience via UOTV(Unity One TV). And remember, if you have ideas that you think may fit our station, we would love to talk with your about haveing a show on our network. Let's grow together.

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