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The Shed Vibez Team

Shed Vibez is a weekly podcast that deals with current trending social and political events and what's happening locally as well as globally.  Shed Vibez also feature national and indie recording artist, actors, authors, content creators and  more, and is hosted by the talented members of the Unity One Media .


Cameron "Steady Cam" Bullock


Host & Producer

Cameron is the master mind behind the Shed Vibez movement.  Cameron graduated from NC A&T University with a BA in marketing and advertising.  While there, Cameron spent many days with fellow musician in sheds and rehearsals perfecting his gift of music and thought it only fitting to name this show Shed Vibez as acknowledgement of his passion for music and fellow musicians. Cameron is a multitalented musician, producer, writer, public speaker, engineer and Co-owner of Unity One Media which is the parent company of The One Radio, Unity One TV and Rhythm Production.  His passion for building and uplifting people through education and information is the nucleus of Shed Vibez.

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Reggie Love


 Reggie Love was raised in Tallahassee, Florida. He grew up in Saint Mary P.B. Church where he began singing and rapping for the Lord. Learning the basics of music in middle and high school through singing and performing with the school chorus, Reggie’s passion for music grew within his soul. Reggie earned a scholarship by being a multi-sports athlete to play football for North Carolina State University, where he studied Criminology graduating with a B.A degree in 2006. Combining his natural communication skill with his captivating personality makes Reggie the perfect partnership for Shed Vibez.  He brings his knowledge of music, relationships and the human mindset together in an analytic way for each show.  Learn even more about Reggie at

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B. J. Parker

Co-Host/ Music News

B. J. Parker is a native of Tarboro N.C. is a multitalented musician, producer, writer, visual artist as well as performing artist.  after finishing school to assure his vision and passion for visual and performing arts, B. J. attended the Arts Institute of Raleigh/Durham NC where he continued to nurture his natural talents.  Coming from a small town where big ideas grow B.J. brought his talents to Raleigh and connected with various musicians and began performing locally and beyond.  B. J. is a talented graphics designer, guitarist, pianist, drummer, bassist and producer and a proud member of the Unity One Media team.

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Q. S. Bullock

Executive Producer/ Dir.

Quentin S. Bullock is the founder of Unity One Media company and executive producer of Shed Vibez podcast and radio show.  With a background in broadcast communication and technology Q. S. have combined the best of both to launch The One Radio and Unity One TV on Roku.  Shed Vibez will also air on The One Radio each Saturday @ 2pm beginning in April


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