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Church Gone Wild 2023 NYE

Making a decision to stay home NYE 2023 and watch various New Year Eve church events online, I was able to experience a multitude of church ideas on the historic "watch night" church service. As a kid, it seemed long and boring as my grandmother and her friends danced and shouted "thank you Jesus" until the clock struck midnight. But there was no question as to what they were celebrating or why. The main focus was reverence to the God of the bible and the fact that he had brought them through the trials and experiences of another year. I quickly found out as I browsed many online churches on YouTube that "watch night" is not what it used to be at all. Sure houses of worship was filled to capacity with hands up in the air and shouts filling the building, but to whom and for what, was the question of the night. The music was very confusing as songs like, "Walk It Out" by someone named UNK. The language was very difficult to listen to from my point of view because I heard nothing about God, Jesus, worship, praise or church. The crowd must have known the songs well as they took the floor and began to "walk it out".

Then there was the infamous preacher who yelled during his disturbing message to everyone to "Kiss my black past". Just when I thought It was then more than I could handle, I switched to another church who had a DJ on hand ready to spin as soon as the preaching was over and the song of choice was "back that #@$% up" followed by "the wobble". At this point, I'm more than done. I logged off and went to bed confused and annoyed because I still believe in a difference between the church and the club.

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